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Check it out: customer feedback from Liz Hollahan 08/20/12

Posted on August 30, 2012 by Daniela | 0 comments

We've been getting a ton of great customer testimonials and I've decided to start posting 1-2 a month on here to share with you. 

"I have just started using Belmondo a couple weeks ago. I came upon this line by chance but I think we were destined to be together! The line is amazing, my skin is amazing! Every experience with these products is like its own meditation....start in the shower with "the dunes", I can feel my toes curling up in the warm sand on my favourite beach; then follow with "the rain", like I'm deep in a rainforest and the sky opens up and this pure, clean rain just falls from above, cleansing my skin, cleansing my soul and then it stops and I feel the most refreshing sweetness in the "after the rain" forest...as I gaze out my feet are standing atop mountains blanketed in "the cloud" and I close my eyes and here I am refreshed from face to soul and ready to go.

Thanks so much Daniela for your wonderful creativity, passion and inspiration for something so amazing!! It has transformed my skin and my morning/evening rituals and respects the earth!!! I am a forever client :) — Liz Hollahan in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

This is a pretty special testimonial and makes us thrilled to read this, really makes all the hard work worth it. Thanks Liz for making the time to share this feedback with us!

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