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Perché lil Oliva - Why Olive Oil?

Posted on July 25, 2011 by Daniela | 1 comment

If you spent some time browsing the online skin care shop you've proabably noticed a common ingredient in all of the Belmondo Skin Care products is olive oil. 

Learn more: Read this feature article for a better understanding of why I choose Olive Oil as a main ingredient. 


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  • Sandra Morgan

    Hi Daniela,

    I was just recently came across you and your products in a magazine as i was flipping through the pages, i saw the mountain displaying your products with your picture. I was always interested in the use of Olive Oil and it use, i would use the store bought virgin Olive Oil used for cooking on my skin sometimes, but stopped because i believe there should a more refined oil for this purpose and here you are.

    I realize that your products are only sold in the Vancouver area or on line, do you have any futre plans on expanding to the Toronto area or maybe selling franchizes i would be interested in looking into selling your products here in Toronto, think about it.

    Now i do not have a testimony of my own as yet, but i am sure the products will stand up for to what they are made for providing healthier looking skin. I will be placing my first order on line in a while. Just wanted to comment on the franchize idea.

    All the best with love,


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