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Three Benefits to Using Olive Oil on your Skin

Many studies show that ingesting olive oil can have a number of health benefits, but did you know that there are also health benefits to applying olive oil topically?

Men and women have turned to olive oil for skincare for many years. In the Mediterranean regions, people eat olive oil on tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, bread, and in numerous other popular dishes. But aside from the rich taste, people have turned to olive oil to help their skin's health too.

Centuries ago people bathed in olive oil. They rubbed olive oil directly on their chapped lips and dried skin. Now, studies show why our ancestors were smart to do this.

The smooth, all-natural oil is rich with nutrients. These nutrients not only benefit your internal health, but also the health of your largest organ - your skin. When you use olive oil in your skincare regime, your skin benefits in three main ways.

1. Olive oil relieves your dry skin

Let's face it. Certain body parts tend to get more chapped than others. Elbows and knees are common culprits for chapped skin. When they dry out, your skin looks older than it is and feels uncomfortable.

There are two main reasons your skin gets chapped: lack of moisture and lack of sebum.

Dry climates and harsh winter weather are the main factors that play a part in sucking the moisture out of your skin. Olive oil has linoleic acid. This type of acid cannot be generated by the body and instead must be applied directly to your skin or ingested. Linoleic acid is a critical skin component that prevents water from evaporating from your skin. By using olive oil for skin care, you can give your skin the linoleic acid it needs to look and feel its best.

Sebum is equally critical to the health of your skin. Sebum contains natural oils in your skin, and is made up of fats, which don't dissolve in water. With sebum, your body is able to create a barrier to keep water in your skin. When you use drying soaps or chemicals on your hands, they work to remove sebum. Here's where olive oil for skin can help.

Olive oil has a combination of sebum and micro-flora (a healthy bacteria). This one-two punch combination mimics the natural oils in your skin allowing it to absorb faster. Instead of looking and feeling greasy, olive oil lotions absorb quickly, so your skin looks and feels radiant and healthy.

2. Olive oil helps fight against skin cancer

In a recent study, mice consumed olive oil. Scientists watched how ingesting olive oil impacted their skin, and just as suspected, the mice that drank olive oil developed less skin cancer after exposure to UV light. But perhaps more interesting is the topical application of olive oil. The same studies showed that the mice that used olive oil on their skin after UV exposure also decreased their risk of skin cancer.

According to M.D. and author of Skin Type Solutions, Leslie Baumann, olive oil contains four antioxidants. The combination of these antioxidants limit the damage caused by the harsh sunlight. Even if you are unable to ingest enough olive oil to protect you from the inside out against skin cancer, you can still protect your skin by applying olive oil lotions after sun exposure.

Using olive oil in your skincare regime can strengthen your skin in a number of ways including against dangerous sun. By making it a habit to apply olive oil lotion after a day in the sun, you give your skin an extra boost of protection against cancer.

3. Olive oil helps your skin breathe easier and look more youthful

At an early age, you learn that plants breathe in carbon monoxide and breathe out oxygen. They provide our atmosphere with fresh air that lets us take in deep breaths of clean air. Olive oil is a plant-based oil. It makes sense that one of its health benefits is a breath of fresh air for your skin too.

The vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids your skin needs and craves are all found in olive oil. When you apply olive oil on your skin, you allow oxygen to flow freely. This creates natural regeneration of collagen giving your skin a youthful glow, plump healthy look with a smooth texture.

Olive oil is a natural solution to smoother, healthier skin

There are hundreds of products available that promise you smoother skin. But have you ever taken a look at their ingredient label?

What you put on your body goes into your body. Your skincare regime is as important as your diet. To help your largest organ on your body, your skin, stay healthy you need to provide it with natural ingredients that will give the rich nutrients it needs.

Ready to try olive oil for your skin? Try this popular olive oil hand and body lotion, perfect for any skin type.

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