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How can I prevent aging skin

It's going to happen to us all so my opinion is to embrace it and learn how to best keep our skin healthy and prevent premature aging. Which believe it or not we have much control over in regards to how we treat our skin and what we put on it. 

Aging is often associated with wrinkles appearing on the skin. Wrinkles are creases that appear when your skin becomes less firm and elastic. One of the major reasons wrinkles appear early on is due to elements such as sun damage, hormone loss, gravity,fat, bone depletion, free radicals and disruption of the skins barrier. 

Less collagen is produced as well as we get older. But our skin loves to produce collagen it just becomes damaged when it is exposed to the above elements. 

As a person ages the epidermal layer of the skin (outer layer of the skin) becomes thinner and less sticky. The thinner cells of he skin make the skin look noticeably thinner. The stickiness of skin cells decreases the function of moisture barrier allowing moisture to be released instead of being kept in the skin. This causes dryness in the skin. The epidermal cells decrease as we age and divide more slowly making our skin less able to repair itself quickly. Hence, the loss of vitality and glow on our face. 

There is no one product that will get rid of your wrinkles or put more collagen into your skin. This is just all hype - don't buy into it!! What you can do is take good care of your skin and prevention is key. Chose products that include lots of antioxidants and ingredients that can put back into the skin what it has lost and of course DO YOUR BEST TO avoid sun damage to your skin - this is the number one way to prevent early wrinkles. 

The Belmondo line of products will all help you keep your skin nourished so you can maintain skin without causing damage and leading to premature aging and wrinkles. 

All the products in the line will be beneficial for aging skin type, but here are my specific product recommendations;

The Dew Face Oil is a wonderful daily treatment to be used which is full of antioxidants and beneficial oils for our skin, it's also wonderful for a sun damaged skin to repair and help build back up a health skin cell. 

The Cloud Face Cream is a daily moisturizer loaded with olive oil which is full of essential fatty acids that mimic your skin's natural oils help hydrate and moisturize. It also contains Evening Primrose Oil which is full of anti-inflammatory properties to help with aging and Calendula which also has anti-inflammatory properties.

The Petal Eye Cream is also another wonderful addition to your skin care routine. It is loaded with Avocado Oil and Sweet almond oil. Contains vitamins A, B, E, essential fatty acids, minerals, protein, and beta carotene, which are all moisturizing and skin softening. An ideal oil to help dry, dehydrated, aging skin.

And my final suggestion would be After the Rain Face Toner, for it's soothing and properties and it contains real wild grown harvested lavender which is excellent for slowing down the development of wrinkles. 

If your not sure where to start I would recommend one product The Dew Face Oil.  It is full of antioxidants and beneficial oils for our skin, it's also wonderful for a sun damaged skin to repair and help build back up a health skin cell. 

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