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After the Rain, More Than a Face Toner

Posted on December 06, 2011 by Daniela | 0 comments

I've been using  After the Rain Face Toner for over 2 weeks now as a deodorant and I'm officially in love! I know it's my own product line and how can I fall in love with this product again, for the second time?!...It's possible and it's happend. I love it as my everyday Face Toner, don't go a day without it and now have found a dual use for it!

It's truly amazing and so great to use and I'm relieved I can stop purchasing the 'natural' deodorants that claim to help with perspiration and have really not lived up to the promise. 

Whats in  After the Rain that makes it work as a deodorant?

  • Organic Aloe Leaf Juice : Anti-inflammatory anti-fungal, anti-bacterial  
  • Rose Flower Distillate: Promotes moisture retention for normal to dry skin
  • Witch Hazel Distillate : Excellent for cleaning the skin. Great for all skin types.
  • Pure Essential Oil of Organic Lavender :  Anti-septic, anti-fungal, reduces inflammation, good for all skin types and helps heal skin cells.
  • Pure Essential Oil of Organic Rosewood : Anti-septic, anti-bacterial, stimulates the cells and regenerate tissue.
  • Pure Essential Oil of Chamomile : Relaxing, Reduces inflammation.

What it will do for you

  • Eliminates odour and excessive dryness, without clogging your pores or staining your clothes. 
  • For all skin types; restores pH balance of the skin
  • Fresh herbal fragrance of rose, lavender and chamomile
  • Refreshes and tones skin tissue
  • Replenishes and helps fortify the skin with essential oils and nutrients which correct and clarify skin 


Mist 2-3 times under each arm or wipe under arms with a cotton pad. 


I can't be the only one that's been on a mission for a better, natural alternative to deodorant...that actually works! 

I'd like to hear from you, What do you use as deodorant? 

Leave a comment and share your suggestions and/or experience with this. 
Here is to being your best, 

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How to best use Belmondo Products

Posted on November 29, 2011 by Daniela | 1 comment

A more in dept look at how to best use Belmondo Products in your daily regime. 

The Rain Face Cleanser : Apply with a cotton pad until skin is cleansed. Do not rinse off. Fresh and rousing.

After the Rain Face Toner : Swirl over face and neck with a cotton ball or cotton pad, or gently spray on face and neck and press into skin. Use after cleansing skin, or on its own in the morning, or throughout the day as a refresher. Replenishing and fortifying. This toner is really special. First, it contains no alcohol so it is much less harsh than others. Secondly, it is made by infusing loads of fresh, organic herbs in a combination of witch hazel and distilled water. After the Rain Face Toner is full of nourishing compounds that, in addition to soothing, are beneficial to your skin.  

The Dunes Face Exfoliant : Mix a fingerful with a few drops of water in the palm of your hand, then apply to skin of face in circular motions. Ideal for use in shower. Exfoliating, refreshing, and refining. Delightful for all skin types.

The Cloud Face Cream : Massage modest amount into skin of face in the morning and/or evening with light, upward strokes. Lightweight & quick absorbing. Leaves a natural glow and most of our customers tell us they've skipped the make-up. 

The Dew Face Oil : Gently massage two drops into skin of face until elixir is absorbed. Use after cleansing and toning. Also use on body. Deeply satisfying for the senses. Can also be used as a cleanser as well. Massage a couple of drops into skin and then remove with a warm wash cloth. 

The Earth Clay Mask : Apply weekly all over clean face and let dry {about 15 minutes}. Place warm cloth onto face to gently soften dried mask, then wash off with warm water. Pat face dry. Follow with toner and finish off with face cream or nourishing oil/serum. Reveals clean, gently exfoliated, refreshed skin.

The Balm : Slick lips lavishly. All natural formula keeps lips soft and smooth. A natural treat for your lips.



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